This project is part of the Youth Leadership Program through the Asian Community and Cultural Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. We created this website to tell people who we are. We are refugee students, and we came from Karen Refugee Camps in Burma and Thailand. People in Lincoln might not know us well, so we want to express our experiences, cultures, traditions, and ethnic identity. Some of our teachers, American friends, and mentors have listened to our stories. Now, we want to expand our audience through media, so everybody can see us. The name of our project is called Tah Ka Pal which means ‘light that shine.’ We give the project this name because we want to shine a light on the Karen community and have that light reflect back on everyone who learns from our stories.



One thought on “About

  1. First, you have a wonderful website here and I will promote it every chance that I get. Keep up the good work. My name is Matthew Cook and I work for the Center for People in Need here in Lincoln. Our goal is to serve underrepresented populations of Lincoln. My job here involves listening to stories that resonate with the Lincoln community. This page, along with the audio and video elements, is a wonderful example of the type of stories and experiences I would love to here.

    If you know anyone who wishes to speak with me or someone at the Center, please feel free to contact. I work alongside K’Paw Moo and Paw Myint, so if translation is needed, they have offered their help!

    Thank you,

    Matthew Cook
    Center for People in Need

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