2754 Karen New Year



Audience at Karen New Year Celebration at LHS

We celebrate Karen New Year to connect back to our roots. On the days we wear traditional clothes and outfits, we celebrate our tradition and express our culture. We tell Karen stories, eat foods, sing traditional songs, dance, and play games. Back in refugee camps, we used to have sports tournament. Such as soccer, volleyball, cane ball, and boxing. We celebrate for three days and nights, but the tournaments last like a month or two. On the new year day, every student from every school has to wear traditional shirts, and has to go to the celebration.


A Karen girl (Hay Paw) performing traditional dance.


Performing traditional Karen bamboo dance.


A dance group at Karen New Year.


Karen National Flag


Post written by:

Paw Spai Moo

Tu Tu Wah

Suan Pau


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